Live-in Relationship Cannot Provide Stability, Says Allahabad High Court

Live-in Relationship Cannot Provide Stability, Says Allahabad High Court

Prayagraj, Sep 1 (TNA) It is difficult for a woman to find a husband after coming out of a live-in relationship, the Allahabad High Court (HC) said while granting bail to a man accused of raping his married live-in partner. The HC said that considering that there is no social action on such relations by the Indian people, which mainly include middle class people. The court also said that such middle class does not see such different women normally.

Expressing concern, Allahabad High Court said that “changing partners in every season is not the mark of a stable society, its systematic design is working to destroy the institution of marriage in India.” The court further said that a systematic design is at work to destroy the institution of marriage in India and films and TV serials are contributing to it.

The Court said that it is only after the institution of marriage becomes obsolete that it should be considered is the case in many so-called developed countries where protecting the institution of marriage has become a major problem for them. We are taking action to create big problem for us in future. ''Infidelity with partner in married relationship and independent live-in relationship are being shown as signs of progressive society. The youth are attracted to such philosophies, being ignorant of the long-term consequences” the HC observed.

"A person whose family relations are not cordial cannot contribute to the progress of the nation. He has no support to fall back on in life. No satisfying existence is found by going from one relationship to another." The security and stability that the institution of marriage provides to a person's life cannot be expected from any other relationship. When their parents separated they became a burden on society. They fall into bad company and the good citizen is a national loss. Such cases come to the courts every day.” single bench of Justice Siddharth said.

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