Liquor Outlets In Uttar Pradesh To Remain Open Till Late Night On December 24 And 31

Liquor Outlets In Uttar Pradesh To Remain Open Till Late Night On December 24 And 31

Lucknow, December 24 (TNA) In view of Christmas and New Year, the Excise Department will make liquor lovers “feel good” on the eve of Christmas and New Year. The department has given instructions to open liquor shops from 10 am to 11 pm on 24 and 31 December. On normal days, the closing time of liquor shops is 10 pm.

In this way, liquor shops will be open one hour more for these two days. Excise Commissioner Senthil Pandian, in an order issued to all DMs and licensing authorities on Saturday, has instructed to open liquor shops as per the new timetable.

The Excise Department is also running a special campaign across the state from December 21 to January 4 to curb the manufacturing, smuggling and sale of illegal liquor. In the two days of the campaign so far, 633 cases have been registered and 14,055 litres of illegal foreign liquor has been recovered.

Giving this information, Excise Commissioner Senthil Pandian C said that so far in December, 5,306 cases have been registered in the state and 1.26 lakh litres of illicit liquor has been recovered. 2.75 lakh kg of liquor ready for making liquor was destroyed and 1449 persons involved in illegal liquor business were arrested and 526 accused were sent to jail.

The Excise Commissioner informed that the raids against the manufacturing and sale of illegal liquor will continue and strict action will be taken against the people involved in these activities.

To stop smuggling from the districts of other states bordering the state, instructions have been given to keep vigil on the routes and continuous checking is being done.

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