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Lakhs Turn Up At Prayagraj For Holy Dip, Auspicious Makar Sankranti Date On Sunday

Prayagraj, January 14 (TNA) A huge congregation of faithfuls gathered for the dip of Makar Sankranti at the Sangam on Saturday thought the priests have set the auspicious time on Sunday. Arrangements have been made for the devotees coming from every corner of the country to take a dip at 15 ghats on the Uttarayan of the sun.

This time also the dip of Makar Sankranti will take two days. The sun is rising on Saturday night, bathing will start from morning itself. But, those who believe in holy times will take a dip of Sankranti on Sunday. The grand city of tents on the sands of Sangam has been decorated with sparkling milky LED bulbs, colorful lights.

From Akshay Vat enshrined in the form of deep roots of knowledge to Triveni, Kali and Gangoli Shivala Marg, with red, yellow, blue, green camps of saints, devotees, Kalpavasis being decorated, the hue of Magh Mela is being seen.

Sun will enter Capricorn on Saturday night at 8:44 pm. Kharmas will subside as soon as the sun sets. In order of recognition of Udaya Tithi, the auspicious time will be from Sunday morning to evening.

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