Greater Flamingo And Laser Flamingo Land In Lake Jodhpur In Agra

Greater Flamingo And Laser Flamingo Land In Lake Jodhpur In Agra

AGRA || As most of you are aware, the local national and international migratory bird sanctuary in Agra is Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, which is situated around the Keetham Lake.

Ketham Lake is a lake (water body) spread in about 7.92sq km, in which fish moths, moths, algae fungi, vegetation etc. are available in abundance, which is absolutely sufficient for migratory and local birds (henceforth birds only) and hence the native foreign migrant Birds do nesting hatching etc.

Similarly another water body (lake or Jhal) exists in Jodhpur Jhal which falls in the Farah tehsil of Mathura and Keetham (about 8-10 km northeast from Sur Sarovar Birds Vihar. Surprisingly, Jodhpur Jhal Many migratory birds are also found migrating in such a way that they never come to the lake.

When there is a distance of only 10 km between each other and there is plenty of food, water along with the forest (here the water level is kept constant throughout the year by the irrigation department) and a national bird sanctuary is declared, then there are no more birds Why do birds migrate more in Jodhpur Jhaal…?

It will take some explaining for one to understand

The Agra canal that comes through Okhla barrage to Agra and supplies water to Keetham. This canal enters Agra via Okhla via Faridabad, Ballabgarh Palwal Kosi Vrindavan Mathura Govardhan.

Its water was quite clean in the last few years, but about ten fifteen years ago two new cities or townships were established in Faridabad and Ballabgarh (Greater Faridabad and New Ballabgarh). Now the then Government of Haryana settled the city but the sewer system of the city and There was no system of disposal of garbage.

As a result, a garbage mafia was ready in both these cities, they would take a lump sum of money from every house and pick up the garbage and sewer of the house. Now the garbage would have got up, but the government did not arrange for its disposal was

So all the garbage and sewer started getting dumped in the Agra canal and all the dirt started coming into the canal and the canal water got contaminated. Its effect was that the water of the Keetham was also contaminated due to which the birds migrating to the fresh water kept decreasing.

Now let's return to Jodhpur Jhal

The Jodhpur Jhal is also inhabited along with Agra Canal's terminal Rajwaha, but the canal water does not form a lake there, the water that collects in the rainy season creates a lake. This water is very less polluted and food for birds is also sufficient.

Also, a marsh is built along the lake, due to which human activity is not possible by the lake, you can only see and photography from a distance. That is why the Flamingos reached here but did not reach the Sur Sarovar.

If the Jodhpur Jhal is developed as a rainwater pond, then it can become a world-class wetland to be declared a bird sanctuary, efforts are underway for this. Many organizations of Agra are working on this, there are some legal hurdles which will be overcome soon.

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