Government To Arrange 1.5 Lakh Toilets In Prayagraj Mahakumbh 2025, Event To Be ODF Free

Government To Arrange 1.5 Lakh Toilets In Prayagraj Mahakumbh 2025, Event To Be ODF Free

Prayagraj, October 26 (TNA) Yogi government has started preparations for Mahakumbh 2025. For this, one and a half lakh toilets will be used and more than 11 thousand sanitation workers and volunteers will be deployed.

Mahakumbh 2025 is going to be special in many ways. Along with expanding the area of Mahakumbh, the UP government is also laying special emphasis on keeping the sanctity of the entire event intact. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath intends that the Mahakumbh of 2025 should be completely ODF (open defecation free), an official informed.

Cleanliness will be ensured by dividing the entire Kumbh area to be established in 4 thousand hectares into 25 sectors. For this, a large army of sanitation workers will be deployed by the government. More than 11 thousand sanitation workers and sanitation workers will take up the responsibility.

The Yogi government has fixed a budget of approximately Rs 2,500 crore for the Maha Kumbh. Apart from making the entire Kumbhkshetra impenetrable, strict arrangements are also being made for cleanliness. The government will spend more than Rs 300 crore on cleanliness in Kumbh Kshetra.

For this, the Yogi government will construct more than 52 thousand community toilets, more than 53 thousand toilets in various tents, more than 14 thousand toilets on parking and approach roads and more than 20 thousand public urinals, i.e. a total of about 1.5 lakh toilets.

Apart from this, more than 25 thousand dust/waste bins, 120 tipper-hopper trucks, 40 compactors, 9800 sanitation workers and 1800 sanitation volunteers will handle the cleanliness arrangements in the entire fair area.

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