Good Reads: Chandausi Junction- Parvarish

Good Reads: Chandausi Junction- Parvarish

(The upbringing)

Allahabad, 1977

Karan and Pranav sat in the dark auditorium of Lakshmi Talkies12, watching the movie “Kabhi Kabhie.” Both the brothers were big fans of Bachchan and this movie was highly recommended by their school friends. Karan was in class XI while Pranav was in Class IX and both were here for the noon show, bunking their school classes.

They had convinced their mother, Leela, who was a school teacher in another school, without informing their father, Rakesh, who was a strict disciplinarian. As the lights came on for the interval, both of them came out to spend part of their pocket money on Gold Spot and samosas. Sipping the soft drink from the straw, Karan said “Lovely movie. Good, we came.” Taking a big bite of the samosa Pranav replied “Say thanks to me that I convinced you, otherwise we would have missed it for the fear of our Hitler father.”

“Don’t say that” Karan admonished “After all he is our father.” “I know,” said Pranav “But he behaves more like a policeman. When he enters the home, it looks as if someone has come to impose the dusk-to-dawn curfew. Only directions-Don’t do this-don’t do that-sit there-eat this-why don’t you study. Arrey yaar, should there not be enjoyment in life?”

“See, that’s how he has seen his father. Moreover, all the parents of that time are like that only.” Karan tried to explain. “Guru, but all the children are also not like us.” said Pranav “You always attain the first or the second position in the class. I come in the top five. You are happy, I am happy, then what is his problem?” “He wants us to improve so that our future is secure,” said Karan.

“I have no intentions of killing myself today for getting a better future.” countered Pranav “Boss, I can’t stop living my life.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the bell, signaling the end of intermission and the resumption of the movie. Both the siblings along with other viewers entered the cinema hall again and watched the remaining movie. As the movie ended, they went to the cycle-stand and pedaled back to their home.

“Oh, Mummy” Pranav said on entering the home “Great movie. You and Papa should also go and watch it.” “Good that you liked it.” replied Leela “Now both of you wash your faces and come for lunch. I have prepared Aloo ka Paranthas for both of you.” “Wow.” exclaimed Karan “That’s a treat.” All 3 had their lunch, after which Leela got busy with checking the copies of her students, and Karan and Pranav completed their homework.

In the evening, like every day, they went out to play Cricket with their friends. When they came back, Rakesh had come back from the office and was going through the day’s newspaper. As they entered, he said, “How are your studies going on?” Karan said, “They are going very well, Papa.” “Hmm.” replied Rakesh “And what about you?” he asked Pranav. “They are going good, Papa,” replied Pranav. “Study hard Pranav.” Rakesh said in a strict tone “If you don’t attain good marks, you won’t get Science.” “Yes Papa” Pranav replied. “Go. Take bath and get dressed,” said Rakesh, immersing himself back in his newspaper.

Being a Wednesday, while having their dinner with their parents, they watched Chitrahaar. Then both the brothers went to their room, where they studied for some time, set their bags for the next day, and then lay down on their beds. “Ae Bhai. Who was your favorite actor in the movie?” asked Pranav. “Bachchan, of course,” replied Karan. “He is a good actor yaar, but in this movie, he played the role of a khadoos guy. I didn’t like him. said Pranav “I loved Shashi Kapoor yaar. A baap (father) should be like him. Total bindaas.”

“That’s only in films.” Karan laughed and spoke. “I don’t know.” Pranav looked at the ceiling and said “but one thing is for sure. I would like to be a father, who is more like Shashi Kapoor rather than like Amitabh Bachchan. A man with whom his wife and children can share anything and everything under the sun and even beyond. A person with whom at least his family members should not think as to what to say and what not to say.”

Karan looked at his brother and smiled. Then remembering something, he said..... (for reading the rest of the story and many more stories like this, please get your copy of Chandausi Junction at the leading online and off-line book-stores. The book is also available on kindle) Happy Reading and don't forget to share your feedback at


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