Elderly Widows Of Vrindavan Plant Saplings On International Widow’s Day

Elderly Widows Of Vrindavan Plant Saplings On International Widow’s Day

Vrindavan, June 23 (TNA) Thursday was a special day for the elderly widows of Vrindavan, when mothers observed “International Widow's Day” by participating in plantation drive.

Mothers living in Widow Ashram planted many saplings in Krishna Kutir Mahila Sadan this afternoon. To mark the “International Widow's Day” in the light of 75th year of India’s Independence 75 saplings were planted today. Sulabh International took the initiative to observe International Widows Day for Widows living in Maa Sharda Ashram and Krishna Kutir in Vrindavan.

It’s the first time we planted saplings to mark this day today This itself shows our resolve towards nature.
Chhavi Dasi, one of the widows

Sulabh International takes care of hundreds of widows living in various ashrams in Vrindavan and Varanasi since 2012. This initiative was taken by well known social reformer,Padma Bhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak . His initiative is now showing positive results in the society.

Holi, Dipawli and other rituals are being organised and these widows actively takes part in all such rituals. Earlier there was a ban on the presence of widows on any such occasion. Now Sulabh works for them and also organizes rituals like Holi and Deepawali. Earlier they were not allowed to participate in such rituals.

This organization is playing a leading role in connecting the lives of widows by organizing such functions time to time throughout the year. On regular basis, Sulabh provides them medical facilities and vocational training apart from meeting their everyday needs so that they do not feel left out during the twilight years of their lives.

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