Dengue Mosquitoes Beats Heat Wave, Larvae Found Alive In Many Districts

Dengue Mosquitoes Beats Heat Wave, Larvae Found Alive In Many Districts

Lucknow, June 22 (TNA) The gruelling heat wave may have singed most of us but the dengue larvae sem unaffected by the soaring mercury. Or so it seems as the state’s health department has found it alive and kicking in 40 degrees plus temperatures. Following the discovery

With the onset of rains, an intensive anti-dengue campaign has been set out and instructions given to municipal bodies and village panchayats to remove junk.

Dengue can spread again as soon as it rains in the state. This apprehension has been confirmed in the survey of the Health Department. The survey found that the eggs of the Aedes mosquito (the spreader of dengue) were not destroyed even in temperatures above 40 degrees. Dengue mosquitoes will be born from these eggs as soon as the conditions are favorable.

Intensifying the anti-dengue campaign, the health department has directed the Municipal Corporations, Nagar Panchayats and Gram Panchayats to remove the accumulated junk. Only 140 dengue patients were found in the state from January to June last year, but after the rains, the number of these patients had increased tremendously.

By November last year, the number of dengue patients had reached 27109. Not only this, the D2 variant of dengue was found in about 60 percent of the patients. This year also 127 patients have been found since January. In view of this, the team of Vector Borne Disease Department has started showing activity from May itself. In every district, the surveillance team got samples collected from the junk deposited at various places and found dengue larva at many places.

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