CSIR-CIMAP Celebrates Its Foundation Day

CSIR-CIMAP Celebrates Its Foundation Day

Lucknow, March 28 (TNA) The CSIR-CIMAP Foundation Day celebration was organized by CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) on Monday where the chief guest was UP Chief secretary Durga Shankar Mishra, and special guest Dr. G N Singh, Advisor to UP Chief Minister and former Drug Controller General, Government of India and Dr. Manoj Prasad.

The guests visited the Manav Park and research facilities at CIMAP and after that the foundation day program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp. Director CSIR-CIMAP welcomed the guests by giving a bouquet and while addressing the program thanked everyone for participating in the CIMAP Foundation Day function.

Dr. Manoj Prasad delivered a lecture on the topic 'Feeding the 10 Billion by 2050: A Genomics Perspective' on CIMAP Foundation Day. He told through this lecture that food is the most important among the basic needs of human life. Talking about the global food crisis, he told that there is a situation of food crisis in South Asian, African countries and some parts of India as well.

On this occasion, transfer of technology related to the incense sticks and cone-making from offered flowers was transferred to Ms. Manisha Nigam, M/s Prakriti Divine Incense, Gurugram and an MoU was signed with Satish Kumar L of M/s Waggle, Bangalore for the use of CSIR-CIMAP TBIC facility. Also, the quarterly CIMAP e-Newsletter was released.

According to the Global Hunger Index, a child is dying of hunger every 10 seconds. To deal with this problem, he insisted on the cultivation of millet i.e. coarse grains. He told that apart from wheat, rice, maize, the cultivation of coarse grains is either reduced or they are neglected.

While coarse grains are considered a storehouse of nutrients: Cereal millets like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi (Madua), Maize, Barley, Kodo, Sama, Bajra, Sawa, Small grains or Kutki, Kangni and Cheena. Addressing the students and scientists of CIMAP, Dr. Prasad said that the environment for students to learn, understand, speak and experiment is the key to their success. He also told that the success of the students is the success of their mentor.

Addressing the program, Dr. Singh congratulated everyone on completion of 64 years of CIMAP and thanked CIMAP for its excellent work in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants. He said that CIMAP is doing commendable work in the interest of farmers. Dr. Singh said that Mentha, which was considered as flying crop, Uttar Pradesh has achieved an economy of 7000 crores by its cultivation. Along with this, he asked to pay more attention to Stevia farming which is more beneficial for diabetic patients.

The chief guest in his address congratulated CIMAP on successful completion of its 64 years. He said that CIMAP has always done many research works keeping in mind the needs of farmers and general public and he said that in the coming 25 years, CIMAP should work on promoting future possibilities and economic activities through its research and research papers.

Dr. Prabodh Kumar Trivedi, Director, CSIR-CIMAP, while welcoming the guests, scientific and non-scientific staff, and researchers present in the auditorium, highlighted the achievements of CSIR-CIMAP and said that CSIR-CIMAP has been involved in research and development in medicinal and aromatic plants for more than 60 years.

Under development works, advanced agricultural techniques of medicinal and aromatic plants, progressive species and processing techniques are being developed and made available to the farmers. Due to which the farmers are getting direct benefit and are continuously striving towards doubling their income.

The program was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Sanjay Kumar.

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