COVID Vaccine Drive Launched In Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Thanks PM And Scientists

COVID Vaccine Drive Launched In Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Thanks PM And Scientists

Lucknow, January 16, 2021, || Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday visited the Balrampur hospital in the state capital to see for himself the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination drive. On this occasion, he expressed confidence that through the Corona Vaccination Campaign which has started in the entire country from January 16, 2021, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the epidemic will be completely controlled.

He expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister and the scientists of the country for developing the Corona vaccine. He said that in such a short span of time it was made possible to prepare two indigenous Covid Vaccines due to the sterling leadership of Prime Minister who is relentlessly working to safeguard the people of the country against the dreaded virus.

The Chief Minister said that the state and the country will get a new direction from the first phase starting for corona vaccination from today. According to the guidelines of the Central Government, vaccination will be done in the state according to priority, he assured. The efforts and arrangements made by the centre and the state have succeeded in controlling Covid-19, the chief minister said while crediting it to the team for the low rate of the virus in the state.

The Chief Minister also lauded the media for playing a positive role in Covid control. He called upon the media to work to curb rumours regarding the Corona vaccine. Everyone should avoid the rumours being spread regarding Corona vaccine and wait for their turn for vaccination, he stressed.

The vaccines developed by India are the world's most successful and inexpensive vaccine, Yogi observed while expressing hope that with the beginning of this vaccination campaign and the successful efforts of everyone, the entire country including Uttar Pradesh will be successful in conquering this epidemic.

The Chief Minister said that the prescribed procedure for corona vaccination will be followed completely. In the first phase, corona warriors, doctors, nurses, paramedics will be vaccinated. After this, vaccination of frontline workers including policemen, sanitation workers, revenue workers etc. will be given the shot.

After this, people above 50 years of age who are suffering from comorbidity will be vaccinated. After the first vaccination of Corona, the second vaccine will be administered after 28 days.

The Chief Minister said that all preparations regarding corona vaccination in Uttar Pradesh have been completed by the state government. Several dry runs have also been carried out for the smooth operation of the vaccination campaign, he informed and said that even after the start of the vaccination campaign, people still have to take full care.

He underlined that standard procedures to prevent the spread of the disease including hand washing, sanitisation, social distancing, not allowing crowds to gather, with the mantra of 'Two yards distance mask is necessary' given by the Prime Minister, needed still to be stuck to.

The Chief Minister said that along with various publicity mechanisms, public address system will have to be used continuously to make the public aware of the precautionary measures to be taken to keep COVID at bay. Contact tracing and surveillance systems also have to be effective to break the corona chain, he stated further.

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