COVID Numbers Increase Dangerously In UP, Four-Time Spike In Fresh Cases
Sushil Sahai

COVID Numbers Increase Dangerously In UP, Four-Time Spike In Fresh Cases

Lucknow, March 22 (TNA) After a brief recess that made the state government claim victory over Coronavirus, the situation in Uttar Pradesh has worsened in the past few days, so much so that the cases of fresh infections has increased four times.

According to data available, the biggest spike has been in the state capital Lucknow, where cases have grown six times in the last week.

The only succour is that there has not been a significant rise in the number of fatalities so far. Government officials say on Sunday 496 fresh cases of COVID-19 have been reported from across the state.

So far 8759 people have died in the state due to the infection of the dreaded virus. Lucknow has reported 141 cases in the last 24-hours. Prayagraj has reported 30, Ghaziabad 28 and Kanpur 16.

The Yogi Adityanath government should shut down schools immediately but nobody seems to be interested or listening!
Savita Tripathi, Mother Of Two School-going Children

In Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of prime minister Narendra Modi, 32 new cases of Corona have been reported, which is the second highest in the state on Sunday. While much blame lies on the people who are not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing, people are also questioning the efficacy of the state government and its agencies in effectively implementing the COVID protocol.

There is palpable anger and serious concern in the minds of people with regards to the reopening go primary schools in the state. With the festival of colours, Holi round the corner, a concerned Amit Singh from Aliganj in Lucknow told The News Agency, "the government should clamp down heavily on people breaking the protocol brazenly".

Tarun Bajpayi, another concerned parent, living in Indiranagar told TNA that the state government must not just talk but act too or all its efforts for the last one year in containing the menace of Corona, will be undone. "People are returning from big Metros like Mumbai and Delhi to their homes for Holi, will they not bring infection along with them?" he asked.

Savita Tripathi, mother of two school-going children says the government should shut down schools immediately but rues how nobody seems to be listening!

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