Co-Conspirator In RO-ARO Paper Leak Case Arrested By STF In Prayagraj

Co-Conspirator In RO-ARO Paper Leak Case Arrested By STF In Prayagraj

Prayagraj, April 6 (TNA) Gangster Rajeev Nayan's associate Amit Singh has been arrested in the RO-ARO paper leak case by the STF of the UP police. Singh lived near Indira Bhawan, Lucknow. He is very close to Rajiv and has an important role in all his conspiracies. Police have kept Amit in the Manjhanpur police station of Kaushambi. A few days ago, STF had also arrested Rajeev Nayan Mishra from Greater Noida.

The mastermind of the recruitment exam paper leak episode turned out to be Meja resident Rajeev Nayan Mishra. Along with constable recruitment, he also cracked this examination. Not only this, like the constable recruitment examination, in this also the candidates were called in Lucknow and Prayagraj and made them memorize the answers. This was revealed on Friday when the mastermind's henchman Amit Singh was arrested by the STF. He is being sent to jail from Kaushambi.

Amit's son Shivbhup Singh currently lives in Indira Nagar, while his original address is Pandey Chaura, Poore Vais Purva, Police Station Colonelganj, District Gonda. STF officers said that they are investigating the issue of the question paper leak of Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer Examination-2023, arrested dismissed constable Arun Singh and school manager Saurabh Shukla on March 15. Rajiv Nayan's name came up during his interrogation.

On April 2, STF Noida arrested Rajiv Nayan, who gave the name of his associate Amit Singh. On April 4, Amit was called for questioning and was arrested based on the facts that emerged. Amit made important revelations during interrogation. He said that he used to run commerce coaching in Gomtinagar. During the same time, he came in contact with Rajiv Nayan through Deepak Dubey, a resident of Ballia.

He had asked to make arrangements for the candidates by saying that they would get the papers out in the police recruitment and RO/ARO recruitment examination. It was also said that the answers to the paper would be memorized by all the candidates in Lucknow and Prayagraj.

Lakhs of rupees were taken in advance from all of them before the examination. After this, they were divided into two different groups. Candidates of one group were taken to a hospital located in an industrial area and were made to memorize the answers to the paper.

Boys in the second group were asked to contact a doctor. After this, the doctor called Lucknow and made the candidates sit in his Verna and other cars near Plasio Mall, memorized the answers for two hours and took them to the examination centre.

Amit said that the doctor had also bought the RO/ARO recruitment exam paper from Rajeev Nayan for Rs 25 lakh. Dr. Sharad had to pay him Rs 15 lakh per candidate. Of these, Rs 2 lakh per candidate had to be deposited in advance before the examination.

It was also told that he had also given Rs 5 lakh to Rajeev Nayan on 16th February. He talked to his cousin Vijay Pratap Singh resident of Pandey Chaura, Vais Purva police station Colonelganj Gonda and got this amount transferred online to the account given by Rajeev Nayan citing his urgent need. It was decided to pay the remaining money later.

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