Class VI Student Dies Of Heat Stroke In Prayagraj, Many Faint Elsewhere But No Word On Summer Break Yet

Class VI Student Dies Of Heat Stroke In Prayagraj, Many Faint Elsewhere But No Word On Summer Break Yet

Prayagraj/Lucknow, May 14 (TNA) The heat wave is continuing unabated in Uttar Pradesh and as people are running indoors in the cool climes of air-conditioned homes, school children are not so lucky. For many schools across the state are still open and are not going to close for summer recess till month end.

On Saturday, there were reports of students fainting in several schools, while a girl student is also reported dead due to heat stroke. The temperature has reached around 47 degree Celsius in Prayagraj. In such a situation, parents need to be very careful regarding the health of the children, doctors suggest.

The death of a girl student of class VI has been reported from Upper Primary School Sirsa is in Pratappur development block of Gangapar in Prayagraj district. Ram Lakhan Maurya, the headmaster of this school, informed that Rani Vishwakarma, a student of class six, had come to the school till May 9. His health had deteriorated on the same day. Since then she stopped coming to school.

In Lucknow too while many schools have clsoed down for summer vacations, schools like Study Hall in Gomtinagar is not going to clsoe till May 31. Angry and worried parents say many of their kids have returned home vomiting but the school management is not hearing any of their pleas.

Rani Vishwakarma was ill due to heatstroke: The headmaster told that on May 11, when she called the parents of Rani Vishwakarma and inquired about her illness, she came to know about her illness.

In this regard, the girl's father Dashrath Vishwakarma said that after the daughter's health deteriorated, she visited a private doctor where the family was told that she suffered a heat stroke. She died on Saturday.

Many children also fell unconscious in the primary school Barsaita Meja and were sent home after first aid. There are demands from parents that schools be closed immediately keeping in mind the high temperatures.

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