British Company AB Mauri Allotted Land In Bundelkhand, To Invest Rs 400 Crore
M Razi Shakir

British Company AB Mauri Allotted Land In Bundelkhand, To Invest Rs 400 Crore

Lucknow, December 15 (TNA) The Yogi Government has allotted land in Chitrakoot for setting up industry for British company AB Mauri, an official said on Tuesday. With an investment of Rs 400 crores, the company is going to make the largest yeast production center in Bundelkhand. The world's largest yeast producing company, is also going to become the biggest source of employment for the youth.

The company will provide direct employment to more than 5 thousand youths, while more than 25 thousand people will have indirect business and employment opportunities. UPCIDA has allotted 68 acres of land to the British company AB Mauri in Bargarh, Chitrakoot as part of the process of providing industrial investment and employment in Bundelkhand.

The company applied in November 2020 in UPCIDA through Invest Mitra, in view of the Yogi government's new industrial investment policy and the simple process of ease of doing business.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, 167 acres of land has been allotted to 191 units in the state by UPCIDA, in which investment of 1457 crores and employment of 19596 has been provided in the state.

Taking this proposal of investment in Bundelkhand forward, the state government accepted the mega unit application and allotted the land through Nivesh Mitra in a record time of 15 days. The company will set up a large Bakers yeast (yeast production) unit in Bargarh, Chitrakoot.

The company will invest more than 400 crores and provide more than 5000 direct and up to 25 thousand indirect employment and trade in Bargarh and surrounding areas. The company will produce 33000 million tonnes of yeast under the Zero Liquid Discharge Project by installing German and Spanish machines.

AB Mauri is one of the world's largest companies in the food yeast production industry. The company is a British Foods Group company with a turnover of 1. 2 billion US dollars. It owns 52 plants in 32 countries and 45% of the world's yast production market. The large investment of world class big company in Bundelkhand is considered as a big success of the Yogi government.

This will provide employment to the people of Bundelkhand, while a large path of economic and social development will also be ready. In future, there will be more investment possibilities in Bundelkhand.

Along with the allotment of land, the company has also started the process of building the unit. Within the next few months, the company is working on the goal of starting yeast production.

Sugarcane and wheat will be used as the main crop by the yeast Production Unit. This will directly benefit the nearby farmers including Bundelkhand. The company will buy sugarcane and wheat produce directly from farmers. A new image of Bundelkhand will also emerge in the world with the new recognition of the local markets and mandi's of Bundelkhand.

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