Ayodhya Vande Bharat Canceled Till January 22, Four Other Trains To Run On Different Routes

Ayodhya Vande Bharat Canceled Till January 22, Four Other Trains To Run On Different Routes

Kanpur, January 4 (TNA) The Ayodhya Vande Bharat train has been cancelled till January 22, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Central Railway, Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay said. He further informed that 22426 Anand Vihar-Ayodhya Cantonment Vande Bharat Express and 22425 Ayodhya Cantonment-Anand Vihar Vande Bharat Express will not run from January 16 to 22.

Railways is carrying out repair work on the Ayodhya-Rae Bareli rail route in Kanpur. Due to this, trains have been cancelled. For this reason, travel by Vande Bharat Express will not be possible for the consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya on 22 January. This train has been canceled from 16 to 22 January. Train number 22425-22426 Ayodhya-New Delhi Vande Bharat Express will remain cancelled, while four trains will run on different routes on different days.

Passengers who have made advance booking will get full refund. Online ticket fare will be deposited directly into the bank account. Whereas those booking counter tickets will have to go to the railway counter for refund. Train number 19053 Surat Express Kanpur Central - Prayagraj - Banaras - Varanasi - Ballari Cantonment - Ballia will run on January 19.

Train No. 19054 Surat Express Ballia - Ballari Cantonment - Varanasi - Banaras - Prayagraj - Kanpur Central will arrive on 21 January. 18205 Durg - Nautanwan Express Prayagraj - Janghai - Varanasi - Ballari Cantonment - Nautanwan will run on 18th January and 18206 Durg Express will run on Nautanwa - Ballari Cantonment - Varanasi - Janghai - Prayagraj route on 20th January.

On the other hand, due to doubling work on Lucknow-Barabanki-Ayodhya Cantt-Shahganj-Zaffrabad railway section, Izzatnagar division has also changed the routes of trains. On January 15, train number 19615 Udaipur City-Kamakhya Express will run via Barabanki-Gonda-Gorakhpur. On January 18, 19616 Kamakhya-Udaipur City Express will run via Gorakhpur-Gonda-Barabanki.

From 16 to 21 January, 15083 Chhapra-Farrukhabad Express will run via Chhapra-Gorakhpur-Gonda-Barabanki. From 17 to 22 January, 15084 Farrukhabad-Chhapra Express will run via Barabanki-Gonda-Gorakhpur-Chhapra.

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