Ashutosh Tandon's Constituency Faces Long Power Outages, Angry People Vow To Settle Score In 2022 Assembly Polls

Ashutosh Tandon's Constituency Faces Long Power Outages, Angry People Vow To Settle Score In 2022 Assembly Polls

Lucknow, July 1 (TNA) At a time when the Coronavirus pandemic has through the education of school going kids out of gear and the intense heat wave is making life miserable for the people, a place in the state capital has turned into a hell hole due to unannounced power outages. And it is the second time assembly constituency of the urban development minister Ashutosh Tandon aka Gopal ji!

The case in point are various localities in Indiranagar including Harihar Nagar, Sant Nagar, sector 10 Buddha park, Gayatri market, Rajiv Nagar, sector 17 and many other neighbouring areas which have been facing inordinate power cuts for the past few days.

In the sweltering heat, people are unable to sleep, students of classes Xth and XIIth who are in the online mode of schooling are not able to study and the old n' ill are suffering no ends.

People say that the Whatsapp group of the Power department and the phone numbers of the powerhouse are never answered. "I have been trying the number of the powerhouse since the last night but it is always engaged" says an angry Abhishek Chaurasia who has a small child at home.

"Unbearable is the heat and even bigger evil is the power department" snorts Sagarika, a housewife who complaints that the entire family has not been able to sleep for the past few nights due to intermittent power cuts. Kundan Kashyap, a driver says its a living hell in the area as power cuts have become the order of the day. "If you are lucky you will get a response and they will say, maintenance ka kaam ho raha hai, kabhi ped kat rahe hain, kabhi jumper dheela ho gaya hai, kabhi transformer dag gaya hai" he rues.

Angry locals say they will not vote for Tandon this time round in 2022. "If this is the state of affairs in a minister's assembly seat, why vote him at all" says Anubhav Singh, resident of Santpuram. Asad, a shopkeeper says the power cuts are a big nuisance and compares the present situation to the Samajwadi Party (SP) regime. "We were much better off then, at least so long power cuts were not taking place and officials were hearing" he mused.

Since at most places it is still work from home, professionals are also facing big problems due to power cuts. SDO Harsh Arya says power men are working round-the-lock but there are snags like overloading and breakdowns, which are not by any means in their control. He adds that they are however trying their best. But your best is certainly not enough!

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