Allahabad High Court Rues The Absence Of Striking Lawyers, Asks Them To Show Concern To The Rights Of Litigants

Allahabad High Court Rues The Absence Of Striking Lawyers, Asks Them To Show Concern To The Rights Of Litigants

Prayagraj, Sep 13 (TNA) Taking cognizance of the ongoing strike of lawyers after the Hapur incident, Allahabad High Court Justice Kshitij Shailendra's single bench on Wednesday once again expressed concern over the non-appearance of lawyers related to a case in the court in several cases. The court has expressed concern about the rights of the litigants.

The HC said that the Supreme Court has already decided that it is unprofessional for a lawyer and indecent to refuse to appear in the court. The High Court Bar Association has not called off the strike even after it was declared illegal by the apex court. In such circumstances the Court has several options such as dismissing the present case for want of prosecution, making comments regarding the validity of the present strike and others.

Expressing concern, the Allahabad High Court said that however, this Court, while exercising judicial restraint, keeps itself away from this and does not want to take any such step or make any such comment which would increase the crisis for the litigants who have reposed trust and faith in the institution of justice and the Court.

The bench of Justice Kshitij Shailendra also said that the court with a heavy heart was adjourning the case and slated October 13 for the next hearing of the case. The Court stressed that the Court expects the lawyers to do justice with the confidence that the plight of the society at large will be understood by the lawyers and they will be present before the courts soon.

Lawyers will be present soon to argue the case while respecting the welfare and decisions.

On Tuesday, Justice Kshitij Shailendra, while adjourning the hearing of a case due to absence of lawyers, had emphasized that the cases coming in the court are not disposable items which should be treated only as statistics.

Because their purpose is not to provide livelihood to lawyers or to provide monthly settlement quota to judges, but to provide relief to every case that comes before one, he underlined. The judge has an element of humanitarian outlook relating to the life, liberty, livelihood, family business, profession, work, shelter, safety and security of the citizen.

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