Aligarh Police Begins 'Operation Silence', Loud Music, Modified Silencers On Target

Aligarh Police Begins 'Operation Silence', Loud Music, Modified Silencers On Target

Aligarh, August 7 (TNA) The Aligarh Police has rolled out an ambition campaign against cars and two-wheelers fitted with pressure horns, vehicles fitted with high-decibel music players and modified silencers.

This campaign, an official informed has been initiated on the instructions of SSP Kalanidhi Naithani, who has aptly named it Operation Silence. Under this, the police have started action against vehicles making loud noises by modifying vehicles.

Action is being taken against all who have loud music systems, modified silencers and pressure horn installed on vehicles. Drivers who are also playing music at high pitch, playing obscene songs in public, including auto rickshaw, tempo and e-rickshaw are being targeted.

Police said that action is being taken against those who do not follow the above rules and they are being sent to jail for breach of peace under 151 CrPC. For the implementation of Operation Silence, SSP Kalanidhi Naithani himself has taken to the streets.

The district police chief says especially the two wheeler modified silencer or the sound of the horn, especially creates inconvenience to the elderly women and children on the road.

He added that such vehicles are being caught and seized at major places in the city and action is being taken. People are thanking the cops for this initiative and calling it a big relief.

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