Agra Residents Petition Municipal Commissioner Over Stray Dog Menace

Agra Residents Petition Municipal Commissioner Over Stray Dog Menace

Agra, May 11 (TNA) Concerned at the growing cases of stray dog attacks on people, specially children, and the rampant growth of their population on city roads, citizens of Agra have written to the Municipal Commissioner, asking him and the concerned authorities to address the issue on priority basis.

“We, the residents of Agra, are currently facing a serious threat from the increasing number of stray dogs in our city. These dogs have become a nuisance, and have started creating chaos and fear among the residents. They have become a menace to the society, and people are afraid to step out of their homes, especially during the night time”, the petition reads.

The uncontrolled growth of stray dogs is a serious health hazard as well. They are carriers of various diseases, and children are more susceptible to getting bitten by these dogs. The problem has escalated so much that people have started taking the law into their own hands and harming these animals, it underlines.

“Therefore, we the residents of Agra, urge you to take immediate and effective measures to control the escalating canine population in our city. The municipal corporation must undertake a comprehensive program to capture and sterilize stray dogs. At the same time, suspected rabies cases must be proactively tested and treated in time” the SoS goes on to say.

In addition to this, the city must raise awareness among the residents to treat stray dogs with compassion, and not to resort to harming them. There must be an effort to provide better animal shelters, and the local authorities must take prompt action against dog owners who abandon their pets on the streets.

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