Accused In Umesh Pal Murder Case Arrested After Police Encounter, Was Financer Of Atique Ahmed’s Brother Ashraf

Accused In Umesh Pal Murder Case Arrested After Police Encounter, Was Financer Of Atique Ahmed’s Brother Ashraf

Prayagraj, November 23 (TNA) Umesh Pal murder accused Nafees Biryani has been arrested after being injured in an encounter with the police. He was shot in the left leg during an encounter with the police in Anapur of Nawabganj police station area of Ganganagar. He has been admitted to SRN Hospital. During the incident, his companion was also on the bike, escaped taking advantage of the darkness.

EatOn Biryani restaurant operator Nafees alias Nafees Biryani, was absconding in the Umesh Pal murder case and was carrying a reward of Rs 50,000. Just a few days ago, a reward of Rs 50 thousand was announced on him in the Umesh Pal murder case.

According to police officers, police teams were on patrol in Anapur of Nawabganj on the Prayagraj-Pratapgarh border around 11 pm on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, two people were seen coming on a bike. When signaled to stop, he increased the speed of the bike and tried to escape by opening fire on the police team.

When the police chased them, the bike went out of control and overturned, due to which both of them fell down. Even after this he opened fire. In the self-defense firing by the police, one of the attackers was shot in the leg, due to which he fell there. When the police reached the injured criminal, they found a pistol, two cartridges and a bike.

During interrogation, it was revealed that the attacker was Nafees, accused in the Umesh Pal murder case. After this he was admitted to SRN Hospital. DCP Ganganagar Abhishek Bharti said that preliminary inquiry revealed that he was coming via Lucknow route. Where he was going, anything could be told only after detailed interrogation.

Two days ago Nafees' location was found in Delhi. It was revealed that he was staying in a five star hotel there. Some of his photographs were also available. In one of these, he was seen in a hotel while in the other he was seen sitting in a bus.

Financier Nafees was very close to Ashraf, brother of former MP Atiq Ahmed. Police sources say that through him, Ashraf invested a large part of his and his brother's black money in different businesses. In return, Nafees used to provide financial help to Atiq and his family.

He used to provide money to the family not only for the car but also for the litigation in the case registered against Atiq, Ashraf and Atiq's sons. His own Creta car was used in the Umesh Pal murder case, on which he was taken into custody and thoroughly interrogated.

However, he was then released. During investigation, sufficient evidence was found that he was also involved in the conspiracy of Umesh Pal murder case. On this the police also made him an accused.

Police have come to know that Atiq had also invested black money in land through Nafees. He had invested money in lands in Phaphamau, Airport area and Dhumanganj in the city as well as in other districts. He also had many partners in this. After the arrest of Nafees, now important revelations can be made about the unnamed properties of the mafia.

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