64.33 Lakh Farmers Availed Loans Worth Rs 22,307.01 Crore From Cooperative Banks In UP in Last Four Years

64.33 Lakh Farmers Availed Loans Worth Rs 22,307.01 Crore From Cooperative Banks In UP in Last Four Years

Lucknow, October 28 (TNA) In the last four years, more than 60 lakh farmers have taken short term loan of Rs 22,307.01 crore from cooperative banks through cooperative banks. This has come to the fore from the statistics of the cooperative department.

In the year 2017-18, 14.18 lakh farmers had taken loans from cooperative banks. At the same time, in the year 2020-21, 17.95 farmers have taken loans from cooperative banks. Due to easy access to loans in the state, the youth of rural areas have started daring to start new business.

Bank branches, ATMs and mobile ATM vans of cooperative banks have become the support of farmers in providing loans. Banking facilities have reached the doorstep of the farmers and other state-of-the-art services like CBS system, SMS alerts are also available to every person in the village.

Under this arrangement, 14.18 lakh farmers were provided short term loan of Rs.3908.04 crore in the year 2017-18, similarly Rs.5163.17 crore to 15.45 lakh farmers in the year 2018-19, Rs.6150.21 crore to 16.75 lakh farmers in the year 2019-20. And in 2020-21, 17.95 lakh farmers were provided short term loan of Rs 7085.59 crore.

According to the officials of the Cooperatives Department, a total of 64.33 lakh farmers have been provided Rs 22,307.01 crore as short term loans since the year 2017-18 and this process is going on. Due to this loan made available to the farmers, now the villagers are able to easily buy agricultural machinery for farming and fertilizers and seeds to increase the agricultural yield.

In order to get easy loans to the villagers, 1260 branches of 50 District Co-operative Banks and 7479 Preliminary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies (PACS) are in the role of helping the farmers on behalf of the State Co-operative Bank at the district level. On behalf of Uttar Pradesh Sahakari Gram Vikas Bank, farmers are being disbursed long-term loans for agricultural mechanization, animal husbandry, land improvement through 323 branches.

27 branches of Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank and 1260 branches of 50 district cooperative banks are giving the benefit of CBS system to provide more benefits to the farmers. Through this, the facility of Rupay Card, Rupay KCC, SMS Alert, CTS Alert, CTS, ECS Credit and Direct Benefit Transformer is being provided to the farmers. Apart from this, 142 ATMs are being operated by the branches of 22 District Co-operative Banks to give the benefits of banking services to the villagers.

The facility of 42 mobile vans including ATMs is being provided by the cooperative banks and district cooperative banks of the state. Apart from this, micro ATS are being installed in all the packs of the state, so that the farmers do not have to run away. With this arrangement made to easily get loans for the farmers for farming and other business, the farmers have been freed from the clutches of moneylenders.

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