3000 Students From 210 Cities Across Four Continents Pen Thoughts On Environment

3000 Students From 210 Cities Across Four Continents Pen Thoughts On Environment

Agra, December 28 (TNA) Nearly 3000 children from 210 cities across 4 continents on Monday participated in the 15th Global Essay Writing Competition for children with a focus on environmental issues organized by SPHEEHA, an India based NGO with members across the globe focusing on issues related to environment, ecology and heritage.

The competition was held for three categories divided as per age viz. junior, senior and super senior with the broad topics being ‘Water – The Life Sustainer’, ‘Pollution and Environment’ AND ‘Climate Change & Economic Solutions’ for the respective categories.

SPHEEHA’s spokesperson Shabd Mishra said “writing an essay is like searching your soul and helps you express your thoughts in a structured manner. It involves critical thinking; a purposeful and reflective analysis used to reach conclusions. Critical thinking challenges students to scrutinise arguments and positions they may have taken for granted, getting them to develop their points more thoroughly.

Also, essay writers are often required to reference various texts; by engaging with a variety of literature and information, students gain a diversity of perspectives and points of view. Using this analogy to elucidate possible solutions from the young citizens for environmental issues that plague every nation today has been the objective of SPHEEHA.”

In an age where technology is having an impact on children’s handwriting ability; SPHEEHA has encouraged the kids to write by hand for this competition. The rationale is based on research that students who write by hand retain more conceptual knowledge by way of kinaesthetic memory than those using digital devices.

Speaking on the occasion, MA Pathan – President of SPHEEHA said, “After the phenomenal response to the recently concluded International Drawing & Painting Competition conducted by SPHEEHA, it is truly remarkable to see such a high level of participation from children despite the pandemic. We hope the kids enjoy these competitions and bring the best creative ideas to pen and paper.”

A certificate of participation will be given to all participants and 108 prizes across categories are up for grabs. SPHEEHA along with a leading publisher will also be bringing out a compendium of the winning essays in the form of a book which will be available on various platforms.

The SPHEEHA annual calendar for 2021 which carries 24 winning paintings from SPHEEHA International Drawing and Painting competition 2020 for kids was also launched on the occasion.

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