The Lockdown, Me And My Tomato...
The Lockdown, Me And My Tomato...

It was 6:00 p.m. in the evening. I was in my online dance class, when my eyes turned to one of my plants in our balcony. I waited for my class to get over, then I rushed to my dad and called my brother too, to show the new addition which I had been waiting for since long.

When the lockdown started in March, my parents got some free time and we, as a family got into some serious gardening. With ideas and tips from my mom's friends, we planted some veggies like coriander, mint, palak, green chilli, methi and not to forget, my favorite "Tomato plant".

Somehow I loved to watch them every day and cared for them. I observed them growing from the seed, into a small plant with tender and broad stems. I loved the flowers with yellow in colour and it is from here the tomato started growing.

I liked the pattern of the leaves too. This experience helped me to study my science chapter “Plants around us” easily: Parts of plants and many other things like fertilizers needed for plant growth. With this I learnt patience, love and kind to nature. Day by day ,they multiplied in number and were ready to harvest( nearly 12 in number). During the growth, we had few friends also like Mantiz, ants, mealy bugs and honeybees.

It nearly took 4 months and now it's harvest time. As my mom said that, during this lockdown, people adopted new hobbies like baking, craft, dancing and so on.

I am glad we too made a new hobby. Thanks mom and dad. It has given me happiness and satisfaction.

-- Tanvi

(The author of this sweet article based on her innocent experience is all of seven years and is studying in class II in Bengaluru. Her hobbies include Classical Dance, Drawing, Gardening, Skating and Vedic Chanting.)

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