Muzaffarnagar Police Lines Gets A Well-Stocked, Enviable Library For Cops, Their Families, And Kids

Muzaffarnagar Police Lines Gets A Well-Stocked, Enviable Library For Cops, Their Families, And Kids

Lucknow, July 18 (TNA) On Saturday, the image of the Uttar Pradesh Police went up in smoke as pictures of a police sub-inspector thrashing a woman, almost standing on top of her in Kanpur rural, went viral on the social media and the opposition went ballistic, trashing the state government and calling out its "real face of governance".

On the same day, some 580-km away from this place, something unusual for the men-in-khakhi took place. A library for the police personnel, their families and children was inaugurated in Muzaffarnagar. The library is no mean, ordinary library.

And if you don't believe, see the pictures being posted along this article. It looks like a privately owned corporate library, having the best interiors, decor, facilities and stacked with the best catalogued books.

All this made possible by the efforts of the Muzaffarnagar police chief, SSP Abhishek Yadav. The 2012 electrical engineer-turned-cop, police told TNA, took personal interest in creating this library with the vision of giving the best to the families of the hard working police personnel, their families and specially the generation next.

The 34-year-old Yadav, officials said was not only instrumental in raising the library at the Police Lines but has been inspiring children to make book reading a regular feature of their daily schedule.

The police officer, his seniors at the headquarters say is "one of the bright lot" of young officials. Yadav got the DGs Commendation Disc Gold last year.

The man behind the library says "Whatever I am today, it is only due to Books. Not just the Schools books. From Harry Potter to Roald Dahl, From Harari Yuval to Jim Collins, Benjamin Graham to many other authors" he muses.

Adding that it was just "a small effort to give that joy back to our kids..", the SSP said he was sure that the library where both English and Hindi books are available would go a long way in being of great use to all, specially the kids.

The act has won him accolades from many on the social media.

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