Explore the Mystic World of Gems, Jewellery, Crystals & Healing Stones: Orthoceras Or Kuber Stone

Explore the Mystic World of Gems, Jewellery, Crystals & Healing Stones: Orthoceras Or Kuber Stone

Orthoceras or Kuber Stone ( The Stone of Finance)- Crystals have been used for millenia to heal & create balance. They work through resonance & vibration. And therefore are known to heal holistically. They re- align subtle energies & dissolve dis-ease by getting to the root cause.

You may think that crystals are a New-Age Fad, but they are actually one of the oldest forms of healing & have always & have always been used for protection. I shall share with you about a very interesting & intriguing fossilized crystal called "Orthoceras" commonly known as " Kuber Stone " or "The Stone of Finance" - Orthoceras is an ancient mollusk that lived in the Ordovician period over 400 million years ago.

At that time Earth was mostly covered in water, & these ancient beings lived in the seas. Orthoceras had a soft squid like body inside a conch shell, overtime it's aragonite shell turned into calcite & fossilized. Being millions of years old, they are looked upon as " Ancient Beings " holding a powerful life force energy full of Ancient Wisdom.


  • Orthoceras helps us to connect with the ancient wisdom of "Mother Gaia" the spirit of our planet Earth.

  • This fossilized crystal opens up to opportunity, wisdom & transformation and is an excellent tool to use during " New Beginnings " & at times of deep personal growth.

  • Orthoceras activates your Root - Chakra by Grounding us to Earth's ancient energy & hence forth bring stability in all aspects of our lives whether Financial, Emotional or Spiritual.

  • They promote a sense of pride & success in business by attracting wealth & prosperity & also brings back trapped money. Opens up new avenues of sources of income & wealth. Keep this crystal at your Altar, Temple, Home or Vault- wealth box.

  • Cures depression & alleviates anxiety by empowering oneself with an Energetic, Intuitive, Silent & Powerful Mind. And also promotes telepathic communication.

(The author is owner of Ujjwal Jewels, 28/A, Sindhi Chauraha, Joppling Road, Near Ram Darbar Mandir, Lucknow. He can be contacted at ujjwal231@rediffmail.com)

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