A Unique And Inspiring Tribute That Redefined True Friendship

A Unique And Inspiring Tribute That Redefined True Friendship

In loving memory of Pradeep Bhargava, a unique & inspiring tribute redefining true friendship by Devidas Goyal !

No one lives forever in this mortal world; whoever takes birth, his death is inevitable.

Whatever a person does in his lifetime between birth and death keeps his name immortal even after death. In the course of life between birth and death, apart from the God-given relationships, a unique relationship that lucky people get is the bond of friendship.

It is said that “amitrasya kutam sukham”, that means, if there is no friend then how will one experience happiness in life?

Yesterday, Surat witnessed a unique example set by a friend after the demise of his friend that redefined the true meaning of friendship!

90-year-old Devidas Goyal, who is known by the name of Agra Wale Lalaji, paid tribute on the demise of his friend Pradeep Bhargava (who was also known as Netaji Agra Wale in Surat) by providing two shops to Seva Hospital of Pandesara in the nearby complex!

In the memory meet of Bhargava, Goyal presented the key of this place to the President of Sewa Foundation, Rajiv Omar and General Secretary Lalit Sharma in presence of the trustees. This place will be used to serve the society by providing all the funeral materials at economical rates by Seva Foundation!

Ashok Goyal, the founder of Seva Foundation, said “Surat is home to the migrant community in abundance. To earn their livelihood, people live here from remote areas while their grandchildren live elsewhere.

When someone dies in the family, then the person feels alone at times, in view of this, Seva Foundation is starting this project as a means to support the bereaved family, in which not only the material related to the funeral will be available at the reasonable rates, but all other related services like- Pandit, Barber, material, coffin, carcass etc. will also be made available through a phone call”.

A friend has started this project in the memory of his late friend and has presented a beautiful example to the entire society. All the affiliated organizations including Seva Foundation have approved this initiative!

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