Chilli, The Pug Puppy Which Brought Spice To Our Home, Lives

Chilli, The Pug Puppy Which Brought Spice To Our Home, Lives

In this Week's Woof, Lucknow-based Engineer Bhuvnesh Shukla narrates her fondness for his pet Chilli.

TNA Contributor

TNA Contributor

Last year in September I got a Pug puppy from an acquaintance. Named her Chilli. She was a month-old and was a bit difficult to feed her in the beginning. Handling was even tougher. I saw her grow day by day. Ever night I used to cover her with a small blanket as she was a small baby.

As days went by she started playing and acting naughty. She used to make me laugh by her playful acts.

During lockdown she was one of my prime toys and she used to make everyone happy. She likes to eat everything we eat especially raw tomatoes.

Recently I offered her roasted corn, and she liked it very much. I have never seen a pooch eating corn.

Chilli has become a part of our family. To sum up I must say for us a pet can be a part of our life, but for them we are the whole world. I must say during lockdown she never let me feel bored at home.

-- Bhuvnesh Shukla/Lucknow

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