Auggie, My Pawsome Mate!

Auggie, My Pawsome Mate!

Who said you can’t buy happiness, have you ever bought a dog for yourself? A little four legged angel much capable of reviving the chirpiness and radiancy in your solemn lives. As for me I brought home a white Labrador back in 2015, today he is a 5 year old well built, loving and affectionate lad who apparently loves chewing on rubber balls and slippers.

Inspired by a show my sister and I used to watch we named him , ‘AUGGIE’. To this very day I look at him and a plethora of profound feelings come rushing in. The spark in his hazel brown eyes , the to and fro wagging of his tail and him vehemently expressing the desire to be patted are just enough to make the most rock solid hearts melt.

Whether in tranquility of the night, or during the hustle bustle of the day, he is sworn to remain vigilant. Leaping around the garden in utmost heartfelt glory, we often find him digging for concealed “treasures” in the mud.

On the days I wake up feeling demotivated and frustrated, a sight of him doing absolutely anything

puts a spontaneous weird smile on my face. Isn’t it heartbreaking how you spend only a part of your

life with those lovely beings but they spend their entire life with you, with this being said I hope all the pet owners show love and affection to their pets because you are all they will ever have.

A lot of psychologists have also brought to light the impact of dogs on one’s happiness. My dog for instance, transmits positive vibrant vibes, nothing less than a kaleidoscope, which keeps the people around in a jolly mood. A little act of kindness leaves him confounded, every small gesture genuinely brightens him up.

Agnes Turnbull said “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” And I couldn’t agree more, keeping in mind how loyal and brutally selfless they are. Give your pets enough time so you don’t have to regret anything once they are gone forever. They deserve so much more than what we humans give to them.

- Sanya Wadhwa/Moradabad

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