Why Homeopathy Is The Medicine Of Choice Of Elderlies Suffering From Renal Failure

Why Homeopathy Is The Medicine Of Choice Of Elderlies Suffering From Renal Failure

Incidence of Renal Failure is rapidly rising across the globe, including India. Modern medicine has yet to find a drug which can reduce urea or creatinine, by even a unit. Present options available are only Dialysis and Transplant, that too at a stage when patient needs Renal Replacement Therapy.

Prior to that, one has to just sit back and watch the patient slide from initial stages to complete renal failure, unless obviously patient switches to Homeopathy. This is cumbersome especially to the patients above 55 or 60 years of age when there are added health complications.

If Renal Failure is detected late in life, it has to be controlled immediately so that patient does not need Dialysis or Transplant. Several risks are associated with Dialysis and Transplant with advancing age. I have seen several patients collapsing during Dialysis.

Most of the time AV Fistula cannot be made. The dialysis is done using catheter or permacath, which causes infections, at times leading to Septiceamia which can even cause multiple organ failure.

Another condition associated with Dialysis is decreased urination, which thereby increases the frequency of Dialysis from once a week to twice or thrice a week, due to water retention in the body. The patient is trapped forever in the vicious circle of ever increasing frequency of Dialysis.

Transplantation, the other option apart from Dialysis, requires lifelong intake of Immunosuppressants. This results in patients catching several infections and ever increasing medication, due to which the quality of life is hampered.

Homeopathy is especially best suited for older patients, who have limited lifespan. Usually such patients want their lives to be peaceful, mobile and free of hospital visits.

Homeopathy not only reduces urea and Creatinine from blood but also stops proteinuria and raises heamoglobin.

The quality of life of patient, improves. They are able to sleep and eat better. The urine output does not reduce, therefore the need for dialysis can be eliminated or reduced. Homeopathy is effective for patients suffering from renal failure of all age groups, but it is a boon for elderlies

(The author is a Homeopathic Nephrologist, Asstt Prof State JLN Homeopathic Medical College)

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