Treatment Of Aortic Diseases Begins At JNMC At Aligarh Muslim University

Treatment Of Aortic Diseases Begins At JNMC At Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh, May 1 (TNA) The Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College surgeons at the Aligarh Muslim University have successfully treated a patient with type B aortic dissection using innovative endovascular techniques and employing a Stent Graft under the leadership of the noted vascular surgeon, Prof. Malik Mohammad Azharuddin.

A patient, Sharafat came to the J.N. Medical College with chest and abdominal pain. On CT angiography of major vessels, it was found that he had leakage of blood from his great vessel which caused compression of aorta and reduction in blood supply to his abdomen and lower limbs. Since the open surgery was difficult in this case, it was decided to use endovascular approach and a covered stent was placed in his thoracic aorta under local anesthesia. The procedure was done free of cost under Ayushman Bharata Scheme.

Prof Azharuddin said that type B aortic dissection is a life-threatening condition that requires prompt and precise intervention. Traditionally, treatment options have been limited and often involved major surgery with inherent risks. However, with the introduction of endovascular techniques utilizing Stent Grafts, patients now have access to a minimally invasive approach that significantly reduces the risks associated with conventional surgery.

He thanked Prof. Azam Haseen, Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, who played a pivotal role in obtaining open vascular access for the introduction of the large bore device essential for the endovascular intervention.

“His expertise and ingenuity were instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of the procedure, highlighting the collaborative efforts of the entire medical team at JN Medical College”, said Prof Azharuddin. Dr. Asif Hasan, Chairman, Department of Cardiology, lauded the pioneering surgery carried out by Prof. Azharuddin and his team.

He further added that Prof. Azharuddin's expertise and dedication paved the way for a safer and more effective alternative to traditional surgical interventions for aortic conditions, making it a groundbreaking procedure at the JN Medical College, which remains committed to advancing medical science and providing cutting-edge care to patients in need.

“The introduction of this new patient service represents a significant step forward in the treatment of aortic diseases at JN Medical College. Patients can now benefit from the state-of-the-art interventions that offer improved outcomes, reduced recovery times, and enhanced overall quality of life,” he added.

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