Homoeopathy Improves Platelet Counts In Dengue Fever

Homoeopathy Improves Platelet Counts In Dengue Fever

Several years back, while I was still a studying Homoeopathy, my brother came back from Delhi and developed fever. He was soon diagnosed with Dengue and 60,000 Platelet Count. All sensible parents would obviously rush to a hospital.

Mine too would have done the same, had I not intervened. To the horror of rest of my family, instead of rushing to SGPGI Lucknow, which was as usual brimming with patients, I was giving him my Homoeopathic Medicines. 

Their fears were confirmed when the next day the platelets count rolled down to 40,000. While I pleaded for one more day, almost everyone around was hell bent on hospitalisation. Thankfully after 48 hours Platelet count started to show an upward trend and my brother recovered completely without going to any hospital.

Homoeopathy has immense scope in treatment of Dengue especially to increase Platelet Count without transfusion. Patients all over the world are using Homeopathy for different diseases. In India Homoeopathy has a larger role to play in Healthcare as there are limited number of Doctors and Hospitals as compared to population.

Therefore Homoeopathy should serve as first line of treatment. But people should be cautious of under qualified or hobby practitioners or quacks. The consulting Doctor must be experienced and confident to deal with emergencies and advanced Pathologies so that there isn't any threat to the life of the patient. 

These Homoeopathic medicines are very useful for tackling low Platelet Count in Dengue fever namely China, Carica, Phosphorus, Eupatorium perf, Chinnium ars etc. But they should be taken after consultation with a Registered Medical Practitioner. Thorough and regular investigations, management are equally important and in case of slightest emergency, rush to a hospital.

-- Dr Lubna Kamal/Lucknow

(The writer is Asstt Professor, State JLN Homeopathic Medical College)

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