Homeopathy : The First Line Of Treatment To Fight Dengue

Homeopathy : The First Line Of Treatment To Fight Dengue

Homeopathy has immense scope in treatment of Dengue especially to increase Platelet Count without transfusion. Patients with Platelet Count as low as 40,000 have also improved without even going to Hospital. Therefore Homeopathy should serve as first line of treatment.

But treatment must be after consulting a Registered Homeopathic Practitioner.

Patients should be cautious of under qualified or hobby practitioners or quacks. The consulting Doctor must be experienced and confident to deal with emergencies and advanced Pathologies so that there isn't any threat to the life of the patient.

Homeopathic medicines are very useful for tackling low Platelet Count in Dengue fever namely China, Carica, Phosphorus, Eupatorium perf, Chinnium ars etc. Thorough and regular investigations, management are equally important and in case of slightest emergency, rush to a hospital.

When patient is being treated at home, it is important to watch out for dangerous signs and symptoms like reddish rashes on body, red or pink tiny spots on skin, reddish urine, slightest bleeding from nose or mouth, fever above 102 F etc.

Fluid replacement orally or through IV should be watched especially in case of vomitings, loose motions or very high fever.

(The writer is Director Homeopathy, Govt of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow)

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