Give Homeopathy A Chance, Says Agra Homeopath Who Cured Thousands Of Covid Cases

Give Homeopathy A Chance, Says Agra Homeopath Who Cured Thousands Of Covid Cases

Agra, February 10 (TNA) A senior Homeopathy consultant of Agra, Dr Pradip Kumar Gupta, who has successfully treated thousands of Covid-19 victims, including politicians, media persons, medical professionals, says Homeopathy has effective medicines to contain the pandemic and provide relief to the patients.

But the continuing apathy of the decision makers and various interest groups, have prevented the spread and growth of Homeopathy, creating doubts about its credibility in the minds of the people, Gupta added. Even his Facebook account is frequently suspended, as he posts successful results of his researches and case histories of cured patients.

During the peak of the first and second waves of Covid-19, Gupta provided treatment to thousands of patients at his Nemi Nath Homeopathy Hospital on Agra-Firozabad Road.

“We admitted a large number of critical patients who had been denied admission by hospitals and nursing homes. Most were cured within a week, including senior journalists and social activists. Even local doctors and, believe me, central and state level ministers, were given medicines. We distributed Homeopathic preventive medicines to thousands of people in Agra. The ICMR, for the first time permitted us to carry out research. Our data is well documented and available for public scrutiny,” Gupta said.

For the poor and those without resources, the Nemi Nath Hospital turned out an oasis of faith and relief. “Money was never a consideration. Those who could not afford hospital expenses, were allowed to stay free and get cured. Our only mission is to promote Homeopathy, as it was affordable, convenient and accessible, to all,” Gupta said.

Senior journalists, Girdhari Lal Goyal, Bhanu Pratap Singh of Agra, said they were grateful to Gupta, who saved “our lives in the second wave.” Gupta said he was holidaying in Cambodia when news reached him about the outbreak of the pandemic.

On his return, he experimented with some drugs on patients. “The results surprised me and I went ahead recommending a set of medicines with encouraging results. Nothing has been concealed, the facts are in the open.”

Interestingly, Dr Gupta and his staff moved around freely without masks or PPE kits. Gupta hugged his patients and shared videos. “This was done deliberately to dispel gloom, drive away fear and instil confidence in the patients. Inner immunity is vitally important.”

Gupta though disillusioned with lack of response from government bodies, has now opened an Ayurvedic hospital. The future of alternative therapies is bright and India must be ready to promote its ancient wisdom globally, Gupta added.

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