Parsi Choi, The Infused Parsi Beverage You Must Try This Weekend!

Parsi Choi, The Infused Parsi Beverage You Must Try This Weekend!

Parsi Chai or Choi is a beverage of the Parsi community but is gaining popularity with others too. Unlike the regular chai it is different as it's infused, with herbs like mint, lemongrass, freshly grated ginger and slightly pounded cardamom. These herbs make the tea more aromatic, flavorsome, refreshing and definitely add health benefits too.

If you are someone, who enjoys flavored tea, then you must try Parsi tea(chai) or Choi, as the Parsis pronounce it.

Some health benefits of herbs used :


1)Lemongrass has anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

2)It helps in reducing cholesterol levels notably.

3)Lemongrass extracts promote good digestion.


1)Ginger helps in fighting flu and cold.

2)It plays a role in weight loss.

3)It helps relieve chronic indigestion.


1)Chewing mint leaves masks bad breath.

2)It helps relieve upset stomach and indigestion.

3)Treats nausea and headache.


Serves: 4

Difficulty Level: Easy


6 cups water

10-20 Mint leaves

2 Lemongrass leaf stalk cut into 1-inch pieces

8 cardamom Pods

2 small pieces of ginger(grated)

3 tsp tea leaves

½ cup milk

Sugar as per taste.

Method :

1)To a sauce pan add the water, shredded mint leaves, lemongrass , grated ginger ,slightly pounded cardamom pods. Turn on the gas flame and let this boil.

2)As the water starts boiling add the tea leaves and let it brew for 1 or 2 mins.

3)Now add the milk and bring the tea/chai/choi to a boil and turn off the flame.

4)Strain in a cup, add sugar and enjoy your cuppa Parsi Choi with snacks.

Slow down a little and Enjoy Life this monsoon!!

Tips :

1)You could replace sugar with honey or Gur too.

2) Do not add too many mint leaves and lemongrass leaves as that might turn your tea bitter. Both mint and lemongrass leaves have a strong aroma.

3)You could keep the ratio of water and milk equal, i.e. 50 : 50

4)This tea tastes even better with peppermint.

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