This Class IIIrd Student From Hyderabad Grows vegetables At Home

This Class IIIrd Student From Hyderabad Grows vegetables At Home

Hello everyone I am S Neehal Srikar, student of class III at Unicent school Hyderabad. In my class once my environmental science teacher told us the importance of healthy food and fresh vegetables that we can grow in our home itself.

She encouraged us to grow homegrown vegetables if possible in our home with the help of our parents. Though my parents often grow vegetables at our home I was never payed attention to it. After my teacher told I too realized and said to myself why don’t I help my parents in gardening?

So from that day on wards I started planting the seeds and watering them. After few days the flowers and few vegetables started producing. My happiness was in sky. From then till now I have been helping my parents in our terrace garden. In our terrace garden till now we cultivated flowers like hibiscus, rose, jasmine, and many more.

We also cultivated so many vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, chilly, bottle guard, ladies finger, ridge guard, radish, bitter gourd etc. and fruits like guava, citrus fruits, sweet lime, water apple, cherries, mulberries etc. I am very happy that we are able to eat freshly homegrown food.

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