24x7 Control Room For Real-time Monitoring Of Fire Set Up To Contain 48 Forest Fire Spots In Goa

24x7 Control Room For Real-time Monitoring Of Fire Set Up To Contain 48 Forest Fire Spots In Goa

Panji, March 11 (TNA) Sporadic fires have been reported and detected in various areas of Goa including forests, private areas, communidade lands, plantations, revenue lands, etc. since March 5 this year.

The Forest Department Goa in close co-ordination and in tandem with the District Collector (North), the District Collector (South), SP (North), SP (South) and other line departments like Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services, has been addressing the local occurrences of fires on topmost priority and mobilising men and material to ensure that the fire spots are contained and loss to life and property, including natural resources is kept at nought/bare minimum.

All concerned officials have been placed on high alert, the situation is being reviewed from close quarters and necessary instructions are being issued from time to time to all responsible officers. 24x7 Control room for Real-time Monitoring of fire: A 24x7 Control Room has been established for real-time monitoring of the alerts generated by FSI. Exact geo-coordinates and maps of fire locations are shared to the field functionaries on real-time basis to immediately attend to the fires.

As on March 10 till 10 am, 7 number of fires are reported to be active. More than 500 number of staff and others, including manpower from other Departments, Fire and Emergency services and PRIs are deployed and 41 number of fires have already been doused.

Forest Area has been divided into sectors DCF / ACF level officers made as incharge for monitoring the fire situation: The impacted areas have been divided into sectors and duties have been assigned to DCF and ACF level officers to immediately attend to the fires, for intensive management of forest fires in close coordination with line departments.

More than 750 people are on the field to attend to the fire incidences on war-footing. Unauthorised entries banned, Strict Enforcement of Forest and Wildlife laws to prevent entry.

To check and prevent unauthorised entries into the forest areas, specific directions have been also given to the DCFs to ensure and strictly enforce the forest laws, as applicable and that matter be flagged to Police Department for investigation at their levels as well.

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