We All Cherish Childhood Memories, They keep The Child Alive In Us

We All Cherish Childhood Memories, They keep The Child Alive In Us

TNA Contributor

TNA Contributor

Like all, I too have many delightful memories, specially those I experienced during the school trips.

At my school, children in 3rd grade and above are allowed to go on school excursions. I am in 8th grade now. I have been to trips of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad respectively. All the three trips I have been to were absolutely fascinating.

My favourite one was trip to Hyderabad. (Maybe because that is the only trip I can remember clearly. I have a blur memory of the other two). Before the announcement of the destination, my classmates would react in a super excited manner.

The complete class would be in extreme anguish as to where the trip was going. Some kids would spread false rumours out of excitement.

Once the destination would be announced, kids would even start to decide who would share the room with whom! Then, we were provided with itinerary and consent forms. Many kids would take weeks in convincing their parents to let them go on the trip. Although I never had any difficulty in convincing my parents. My parents would rather encourage me to go on such trips.

In the process of packing, almost half of our suitcases would be filled with packets of chips, biscuits and any other such snack we could think of. All three hotels of the three cities had been really nice and pleasant. We discovered so many places and food and culture of the cities. My favourite destination in all the trips have been the adventure park.

As a small kid, I was always scared of going and playing in water parks. But with these adventure parks on my trips, this fear was overcome by my fellow friends and teachers. At night, kids would start with their pranks and tricks on each other. Every memory I am reminiscing while writing this article is making me smile.

My first trip was to Bangalore in 3rd grade. I and my roommates were quite small at that time. At night we all would get too afraid due to one thing or the other.

As I grew up I found all my trips to be convivial. The joyous time me and my whole trip mates had is irreplaceable.

-- Drishya Bhandula/Moradabad

(The author is a 13-years-old, studying in C l Gupta World School in 8th grade)

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