The Room...

The Room...

I am sweating and feeling terrible. This room is familiar. I saw this exact TV somewhere else but I can’t remember where. There is a staircase nearby but no matter how much I try I can’t even take a step closer towards it.

There is nobody here, except me, but I can feel there is something or someone close to me. I think this place is haunted. I try to switch on the TV but it is of no use. I feel thirsty and walk towards the kitchen when the TV suddenly switches itself on and the NEWS is being broadcasted.

It is me on the news! I am shocked and scared too. I look everywhere for an entrance or back door. There is nothing. There isn’t even a window. I am scared for my life. Slowly, all things begin to move and I slip into a vortex of light. I wake up and am covered in sweat. I look around and realise I am in the same room again.

-- Bondada Suryajoshita

(The author is 10-year-old, studying in class V. Her hobbies include reading, writing stories, making crafts and playing with her little sister.)

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