Mount Berry Convent School Celebrates The Mother Day In A Unique Way

Mount Berry Convent School Celebrates The Mother Day In A Unique Way

Lucknow, May 12 (TNA) Each year the country celebrates Mother’s Day on May 8. This year too people of all hues celebrated the occasion sharing their unique love for their mother. Part of the innumerous Mother’s Day celebrations was one at Mount Berry Convent School Lucknow where the students and teachers all celebrated the day with gay abandon. The event at Kalyanpur in the state capital saw many programs.

Students of Pre Primary Wing tried to show love and sacrifice towards all mothers by doing various activities. Toddlers gave their loving mother’s cards made by themselves.The children not only displayed talent through dance, singing but showered their love for their mothers.

The program started with a dance performance by Bhumi Bisht. First of all, the children received blessings from the Divine Mother as they presented the Vandana of Maa Saraswati. A dance was presented on Pyari-Pyaari Hai, O Maa O Maa. It was very much liked by all. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, a feast was organized in the school for all the mothers.

Principal Dr. Uzma Shahid said it is necessary for children to understand about mother’s love and sacrifice. We can inculcate that understanding in the students by doing various activities through Mother’s Day. Along with the students, the school staff also participated in the Mother’s Day program.

At the same time, Vice Principal Geeta Tripathi said Mother’s Day is an important occasion. When a child is born, the first relation he or she has is with the mother. A mother gives birth to a baby after nine whole months of gestation. In these nine months, an invisible love and deep bond is formed between the baby and the mother and this relationship remains for life.

A mother is always concerned about her child’s well being. At the same time, the child also remembers the mother when in trouble. This love and affection, this relationship is called the most beautiful relationship in the world. No relationship in the world can be so touching.

Among those present in the celebration were Senior Incharge of the school Ittefaq Ahmed Khan, Incharge Raman Sir, Seema Siddiqui, Vibha Bajpai, Navneeta Arya, Seema Chauhan, Sandhya, Tulika, Sangeeta, Deepika, Pratibha, Fauzia, Raveena, Neetu, Jagriti, Santoshi, Rukhsar, Izala and all the staff including Iffat were present. Conducted by Fauzia at the end of the program all mothers were thanked by wishing them a bright future

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