Bihar Man Breaks Barriers With Pathbreaking Initiative In The Field Of Technical Education

Bihar Man Breaks Barriers With Pathbreaking Initiative In The Field Of Technical Education

Patna, December 10 (TNA) India aims to establish its own identity in the world by becoming a centre of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in near future. To achieve this goal, the most important requirement is to create a large pool of professionals through technical education who can meet the huge need of skilled quality professionals in various sectors of the Indian economy, including manufacturing and infrastructure.

Although, there are many private universities in other states of India where students from Bihar are obtaining degrees in technical education; yet in a state like Bihar, the need for this was being felt for a long time.

Understanding the importance of technical education in the better future of India, renowned personality Dr Sandeep Jha has established the state's first state-of-the-art private university in the Madhubani district of Bihar. This is proving to be a milestone in furthering technical education in Bihar. Establishing this university at the heart of Mithila has a fantastic impact on the educational landscape by creating an atmosphere for innovative teaching techniques, a curriculum to nurture bright minds of Bihar.

State of the art facilities and updated laboratories contribute to the all round development of students promising highly qualified professionals. By nurturing the talents and aspirations of young students, Jha’s university plays important role in empowering local population of the state. Jha, the university's Chairman, has been a guiding force behind Such a pathbreaking initiative in the field of technical education in Bihar.

By introducing latest technologies and methods of teaching, the university is trying its best to connect students with professionals for job opportunities. The placement ratio of the university is remarkable with cent percent assistance in Management and Engineering courses in recent years.

Dr. Sandip Jha’s core commitment for world-class education and cutting edge academic research adds to the forward thinking approach for young minds of this state. The vision and mission of the Son of the Soil promises rosy future for technical education of Bihar. Taking inspiration from the legacy of Mahatma Buddha to Lord Mahavir and ancient centre of leaning like Nalanda and Takshila, Jha is trying to regain the culture of learning at Sandip University.

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