A Shift In Learning And Evaluation Of Our Kids Is A Must

A Shift In Learning And Evaluation Of Our Kids Is A Must

दर्शन which is termed as Philosophy in English, though do not translate each other in terms of SOUL, is nothing but an independent view point of an individual towards whatever one sees or Study. This develops only by critical and continuous thinking.

Scholars of different subjects and discipline understand that deep study of anything finally turns into दर्शन and from here the real outcome starts surfacing.But in the giving frame of time, are we taking our kids towards developing independent view point. If not, then the sole purpose of education gets defeated and studies turns merely into some pieces of information.

Let's have a look first on how the attitude of Independent thinking shapes up in a child. The starting point for the same is imagination and crossing the boundaries of whatever is being taught or made understood to her.

The wings of imaginations do not and can not develop in a time bound manner. The time table set for a day, week or month cannot guarantee the upliftment of critical thinking. It requires time and some meaningful freedom to a child.

But this poses a paradox before the parents and teachers because the flexibility in time adherence attacks on the syllabus completion. Now it is we who have to decide what is more important for our kids. We need to come out of chicken and egg story.

If some percent of syllabus remain unattended and out kids are allowed some room to imaginate, reframe and jump the strict boundaries of subjects to other subjects, disciplines, home and community, it shall make them more expressive, contended and powerful individuals in comparison to the ones who remain syllabus centric.We really need to have educated generations, not only the informed ones.

And the real education is nothing but the execution of gathered information from books to life. It sums up in prospering one's own life, others' life, developing the essence of happiness and understanding the reason of one's own existence and thus paving the way for overall harmony.

Perhaps it's a journey from pages to philosophy!

- Saurabh Upadhyay/Mainpuri

(The writer is Chief Mentor - NIRMANA and was Head HR - AKAI India, FIITJEE, LUMINOUS (Livgaurd), LLOYD)

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