A Fighters Cry

A Fighters Cry

Today as you stand upon this land

you stand upon my bloodshed plane

the battle bestowed upon my own hand

the sublime effort manifested had not gone in vain

I said it was honour and pride to protect my mother

a duty to which I must cater

a glance at my countrymen and brothers

I see the disparities submerging and off the radar

I hear the people applaud my courage

But deep down I shivered with the vision of my beloved’s image

You see the flames of vengeance go up in my eyes

Nothing short of a calamity that can stop me there lies

My hopes and dreams are better encaged

till I give to my people what they have envisaged

as I lay under the moonshine my utopia is designed

a thousand glorious thoughts spring up in my mind

all leading to a place they call home

where my nomadic soul roams

I yearn for the daily bustling streets and towns

A desire deep buried in the ground

Wounded and shattered but hope still prevails

Amidst these hardships hoping that smoothly my ship sails

My life swinging on a single yarn

Vehemently refusing to acknowledge the unforeseen harm

Why do you rest peacefully in bed

Why do you live without any threats

Why do you stay unharmed

In simplicity of words this shall be answered :

Because someone out there stands on the verge of their doom

Because someone out there gave their life so soon

-- Sanya Wadhwa/Moradabad

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