Your Weekly Horoscope: Whats The Stars Say For You

Your Weekly Horoscope: Whats The Stars Say For You

Week begins with Holashtak starting on Monday, Feb27, 2023, and ends on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, according to Hindu Calendar. So all auspicious ceremonies and celebrations take a break for eight days.


Love, luck, generosity and opportunity are linked, as Venus and Jupiter hook up in your sign.  So it’s a wonderful week to join an online dating site, go on a first date,propose, get married, renew your wedding vows, launch a passion project or buy a lottery ticket.

Good fortune could also knock on your door via a local friend, a business partner or an international contact. But you must have the inner confidence to truly believe that you deserve happiness and success. Donate bananas on Thursday and sugar on Friday


Are you tired of being a paddock-bound Bull? This week Jupiter revs up your usually tentative Taurean nature, and you’ll feel more restless and curious than usual. So it’s time to break free from boring boundaries, escape from your pedestrian paddock, go free-range and start exploring the world around you. Take care of any underlying dental problems. Worship maa Durga by offering her red fruits .


You’re keen to connect with others as six planets activate your professional and aspirations zones. It’s a terrific time to converse and communicate, text and tweet. People are waiting to hear what you’ve got to say as you brainstorm your creative ideas, and proactive Mars is charging through your sign. So stop procrastinating, walk your talk and start delivering! Take care of small theft or snatching as it's foreseen. Start feeding bajra to birds everyday.


Venus and Jupiter join forces in your career zone, so a professional opportunity could come your way this week. But you must keep your eyes and ears open, and nurture potential influential connections along the way. Mercury also links up with Saturn, so you need to take a disciplined look at money and tax matters, especially if you’re part of a financial partnership. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday favour travel, tourism, education and communication. Keep worshipping hanumanji and donate honey to Poor's on Saturday.


This week’s spontaneous stars increase your restless side and your independent streak.Travel and communication are particularly favoured, as you connect with creative friends from close to home and far away. Clever Cats will resist the urge to be bossy and self indulgent. 

You’re in the mood to take a professional risk or go on a grand adventure but avoid saying the first thing that pops into your head. Sometimes silence is golden, and some things are best left unsaid.

Start rising early and do Gayatri mantra chanting facing the sun for divine blessings.


With no less than five planets in your relationship and intimacy zones, it’s a suitable time to sit down with a loved one and talk through a sensitive issue that’s been bothering you. Clear communication and deft diplomacy are the keys to peaceful partnerships at the moment. it’s a wonderful week to take your sweetheart on a spontaneous adventure. If you’re single, a seemingly ordinary date could head off in an unexpected direction! Take care of respiratory infections and start donating green vegetables on Wednesday to Poor.


Thursday is the luckiest day of the year for love, when Venus (your patron planet) hooksup with Jupiter (planet of good fortune) in your relationship zone. So make the most of it!Coupled Librans – plan something romantic with your partner, like a candle-lit dinner or a well-chosen present. Singles – look out for a sexy, amorous Aries or a sassy, hilarious Sagittarius. 

And you could meet them while you are travelling or via an introduction from a close friend. Offer flowers to maa Durga daily for that extra boost.


A relationship (at home or work) looks unsettled this week, as Uranus continues to upset the apple cart and throw some surprises into the mix.  Someone could say or do something that rattles your sense of security. Or a colleague, client or customer could throw you a curved ball. Whatever happens, avoid the temptation to brood and fall into a slump.

Take care of your blood pressure which may swing making you fast and lost. Recite hanuman chalisa morning and evening and donate mustard oil on Saturday to lepers or blinds.


This week Venus links up with your power planet Jupiter, so it’s time to accentuate the positive and count your lucky stars. Quit blaming life, fate, karma or other people for the messes you’ve created and the mistakes you’ve made. Look out for oral infections and apply kesar tilak on forehead daily.


Venus and Jupiter encourage you to listen to loved ones closely and keep the channels of communication open. Is a family member going through a rough patch? Don’t lecture them! Strive to help them in a compassionate and generous way.

But expect a stressful week financially, as Saturn shakes up your previous expectations. Time to reformulate your fiscal plans. When it comes to work and business, it’s much better to under-promise and then over-deliver. Worship Hanumanji. Recite sunderkand and offer chola to hanumanji.


This week Mercury and Saturn hook up in your sign, so your progressive ideas and unpredictable antics could upset some people. But that’s life when you’re a free-wheeling. Shani sadesati will try to hold you. keep your BP in check and recite Hanuman chalisa daily morning and evening.


The Sun, Neptune and Mercury are transiting through your sign, so you’re emanating some serious charisma! Make sure you appreciate and celebrate the creative and compassionate Piscean within via writing, singing dancing, drawing, painting, playing music or helping others.

And with Mars visiting your home zone (until March 25) it’s also time to tackle a domestic problem or a DIY project that’s been dumped on the backburner for a while. Start washing face with rosewater every morning and offer laddoo to ganpati on Wednesday.

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