World’s Largest Chest Tumour Of A Football Size Successfully Removed At Fortis
(L to R): Patient Divyesh Sharma, Dr Udgeath Dhir, Dr Anand Kumar

World’s Largest Chest Tumour Of A Football Size Successfully Removed At Fortis

New Delhi, Oct 21 (TNA) In what might be termed as a medically challenging rare surgery, Dr Udgeath Dhir, Director and Head, CTVS, Fortis Memorial Research Institute along with his team of doctors successfully removed, the world’s largest chest tumour weighing 13.85 kgs from the chest of a 25-year-old young male patient.

As per the available medical literature and published papers, the largest chest tumour removed till date, prior to this case was in Gujarat in 2015 weighing 9.5 kgs. Patient Devesh Sharma was presented in an extremely critical condition at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, with breathlessness and extreme uneasiness in the chest.

In addition to the criticality of the surgery, the patient had a very rare blood group, AB negative. In cases, where patients have large tumours in the chest the administration of anaesthesia becomes critical. As at the time of administration of anaesthesia, owing to the tumours weight, the heart gets compressed and it might restrict the forward flow of blood, which leads to negligible blood pressure.

To avoid this situation, and mitigate any risk to the surgery, doctors had to prepare the patient under local anaesthesia for an emergency cardiac pulmonary bypass, in case required. However, the anesthesia team had a robust preparation for the pre-operative anesthesia administration and no complexities arose in the operative period.

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