Trainee Officers Of Indian Revenue Service Call Of President Murmu

Trainee Officers Of Indian Revenue Service Call Of President Murmu

New Delhi, March 9 (TNA) The officer trainees of the Indian Revenue Service (77th batch) called on President Droupadi Murmu at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Friday. Addressing the officers, the President said that the Revenue Service will allow them to play a vital role in mobilizing resources for the Government.

They are expected to be partners in the nation-building process by ensuring effective tax administration and improved voluntary compliance. She told them to remain steadfast in their duties to facilitate compliance of tax laws by the taxpayers and also contribute towards creating deterrence against tax evasion.

The President was happy to note that over the past decade, direct tax collections have risen more than three times and the number of people filing income tax returns has increased to nearly two and a half times. She said that revenue from these collections will be used to fund the development projects in the country and ensure the well-being of citizens. Therefore, the contribution of Revenue Officers to the development of the country is going to be very important.

The President said that citizen-centric tax services boost the confidence of people in tax administration. She noted that through many initiatives, the Income tax department is working towards changing the mindset of the people.

She urged Revenue Officers to continue to work towards enhancing the trust among the citizens so that they become more tax compliant. She said that it is important that methods of tax collection should be friendly to the taxpayer. She exhorted young officers to discharge their duties fairly and transparently and maintain absolute integrity throughout their careers.

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