The Saturday Book Review: The Greatest Secret

The Saturday Book Review: The Greatest Secret

Title: The Greatest Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne

Publisher: Thorsons

ISBN: 978-0-00-844737-3

TNA Rating: *****

Rhonda Byrne ,author of Secret , one of the biggest blockbusters of recent times, having sold over 36 Million copies worldwide now comes with with an update - The Greatest Secret. The Secret Published in 2006 was a life altering work and helped readers understand the untapped powers that reside within.

The Secret was a start of a journey, as something inside her urged her to seek more wisdom. She spent fourteen years searching until she uncovered the universal truth. The Greatest Secret is a quantum leap that will take the reader beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist.

In her words: "Our awareness that we exist is what we truly are, not the mind or the body. Just for a moment, imagine you have no body or mind. Take away you body, Take away your mind, Take away your name, Take away your life story, which is your entire past, Take away all memory, beliefs, and all thought, And notice what is left. What is left is simply Awareness."

The book offers accessible practices that can be put to use immediately and profound revelations that will dissolve fears and uncertainty, anxiety and pain. A direct path to end suffering and to live a life of deep joy.

She has delved deeply, into the lives and revelatory words of Divine Masters and Spiritual teachers from around the world, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, J Krishnamurthy, Eckert Tolle, Mooji, David R Hawkins, Deepak Chopra, David Bingham, Anthony de Mello and so many others.

She has taken the reader a step further, consolidating and collating all the wisdom under one cover; The Greatest Secret.

Some of her gems: ‘To die before you die, means to die to the idea of being a person, and to realise the infinite awareness that you're really are.’ ‘When the body ends, Awareness and Consciousness remain as always-fully aware and fully alive’.

‘Your real self is the only permanence in existence. Everything else comes and goes, appears and disappears'. On attachment : ‘You can desire and have whatever you want; the problem only comes when you’re attached to those things'.

On Reactions ‘ Reactions are unconscious beliefs’

The Greatest Secret reveals the greatest discovery a human being can ever make and shows you the way out of negativity, problems, and what you don’t want, to a life of permanent happiness and bliss

“The world is so unhappy because it is ignorant of the true self. Man’s real nature is happiness. Happiness is inborn in the true self. Man’s search for happiness is an unconscious search for his true Self...when a man finds it, he finds a happiness which does not come to an end.’ - Ramana Maharshi.

(The author of this book review is a Lucknow-based businessman, Chairman, MSME Confederation of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise UP and Co-Chairman PHD Chambers of Commerce and the Founder Chair of Confederation of Indian Industry-Young Indians.)

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