Sports All Set To Be Part Of School Education Curriculum

Sports All Set To Be Part Of School Education Curriculum

Lucknow, August 19 ||We saw a never-before-performance in Tokyo Olympics this year. Luckily, as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, sports education will soon be a part of school curriculum, the detailed guidelines are going to come in a couple of months by the education ministry.

This would not only help create the interest of students in sports but would also brighten the scope for

budding athletes and sportsmen in coming times. The curriculum will be based on the available infrastructure of the respective schools.

Further, in an academic week, there will be a number of hours set aside for sports, and each child would submit their preferences based on their interests and aptitude. NEP aims to have holistic development in the field of education, and sports is not an alien word in this policy.

In coming times, the services of retired athletes would be taken up along with a pool of trained and medal-winning athletes. This is likely to improve the quality of training in sports. The qualified sports staff would be hired on attractive packages in coming times. Schools would be encouraged to develop the quality. infrastructure as well.

--Satyendra K Singh/Lucknow

(The author is Director, Career Groomers. Views expressed are based on his personal information.)

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