Social Defence Fellowship Launched

Social Defence Fellowship Launched

New Delhi, March 5 (TNA) National Institute of Social Defence (NISD), a part of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, in collaboration with The Nudge Institute - a Bangalore-based non-profit organization has launched a public-private partnership known as ‘Social Defence Fellowship’, which aims to synergize the expertise of senior private sector professionals with the vision and foresight of senior civil servants, toward empowering marginalized communities.

Five Social Defence Fellows were selected from a pool of 840+ applications from across the country and went through a rigorous selection process. With an average experience of over 25 years, it comprises professionals who have spearheaded transformational initiatives across different sectors. Throughout 18 months, Fellows will work as part of the government system full-time, offering strategic and implementation support by identifying challenges and opportunities and designing their final project charters.

Each Fellow will collaborate with senior officials on priority areas including fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within marginalized communities, enhancing access of specified groups to welfare schemes and services, and promoting education empowerment initiatives.

As the Ministry continues to champion the cause of social justice and empowerment, initiatives like the Social Defence Fellowship exemplify its unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and positive change. Through such transformative partnerships, it seeks to build a future where every citizen, regardless of background or circumstance, can realize their full potential and lead a life of dignity and fulfilment.

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