Sabita Mahato’s Story Is A Testament To Unwavering Determination Against All Odds

Sabita Mahato’s Story Is A Testament To Unwavering Determination Against All Odds

New Delhi, April 3 (TNA) Born to a fisherman in Bihar, she faced discouragement from her family, aimed at confining her to a conventional life, even as her dreams soared as high as the peaks she aspired to conquer Mount Everest. Breaking free from expectations, she evolved from being a volleyball enthusiast to a mountaineer with ambitions that reached the sky.

Her journey from Manali to Ladakh’s zenith, the world’s highest motorable road, was not just a run but a leap towards her ultimate dream, backed by the late Dr. Bindeswar Pathak of Sulabh International.

His generous support set Sabita on a path that a girl from such a humble background from Bihar is scaling Mount Everest. She is the first civilian girl from Bihar to start journey to climb Mount Everest .

Sulabh International, a beacon for women’s economic empowerment and social transformation, sees in Sabita not just an athlete but a symbol of potential against marginalization.

Kumar Dilip, the president of Sulabh International said, “ it was our founder’s vision to send a daughter from Bihar to the highest peak in the world. Under founder’s leadership and vision, Sulabh has been known transforming lives of women from manual scavenging to respected citizens, recognizes Sabita’s spirit as embodying its mission.”

Sabita’s story, from the banks of Bihar to the summit of dreams, is powered by Sulabh’s commitment to uplift those who dare to dream beyond their circumstances, championing the cause of the unheard and the unseen.

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