Rajiv Gandhi, The Gentleman Politician

Rajiv Gandhi, The Gentleman Politician

Today as the nation remembers former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 77th birth anniversary, a memory of a memorably meeting with him in Musafirkhana in the Gandhi bastion of Amethi in 1991

Is floating before my eyes. Incidentally and sadly that was his last visit to Amethi, his parliamentary Constituency.

After his election meeting Rajiv Gandhi was invited by a senior Congress leader at his residence for tea. Since I was covering election for Blitz News magazine in the company of dear friend Dilip Awasthi of India Today, we were also invited for the high tea programme. Rajiv Gandhi came with Sonia Gandhi and two senior journalists from Delhi.

When Rajiv Gandhi entered the drawing room without waiting for anyone to serve the snacks he himself picked up plates and started giving it to us. I noticed that he gave plates to all of us but for Sonia Gandhi.

I nudged Rajiv Gandhi that he forgot to give plate to his wife Sonia. Rajiv smiled back and and informed on how soon after her marriage she had started the Tuesday fast. I still remember how humble Rajiv Gandhi was throughout the meeting.

In present day specially, when it is very difficult meet politicians and some of them are so arrogant. I salute Rajiv Gandhi who was a thorough gentleman.

(The writer is a veteran journalist based in Uttar Pradesh.)

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